Helping Other People Excel (HOPE)

HOPE Program (Helping Other People Excel) for individuals aged 15-30 who have experienced psychotic symptoms for at least one week and/or diagnosed with psychotic mental illness in the past two years. All participants will receive comprehensive care for up to 2 years, using evidence-based practices delivered by a clinical team specialized in early psychosis. Services offered include psychiatric treatment, family education and support, counseling, supported employment and other support services as needed. Participants who are uninsured will receive services without charge.

Research suggests that the sooner treatment is initiated after the first episode of psychosis, the more likely the person will experience significant recovery. The goal of the HOPE program is to promote engagement and participation in treatment, foster recovery and reduce or prevent isolation and/or disability.

To learn more, please contact:

FEP CSC Supervisor – Hope Program

P: (903) 597-1351 ext 7377

Or you may send a confidential email