Andrews Center will see walk-ins between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, except when closed for holidays.

Those seeking services for the first time or that have been discharged in the past, should ask to see a Screener or Intake Staff. Current patients may ask to see a nurse.


If medication is needed before a scheduled appointment, patients may call and leave a message for a nurse.


Uninsured, underinsured, and patients needing financial assistance may qualify for such assistance from a local, state or federal funding source. Please alert Andrews Center staff if lack of money or insurance is an issue.

Medical Management services are for children, teenagers and adults, and are provided by psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

All services are provided in an outpatient setting. Patients come in for an appointment at Andrews Center, are seen and evaluated, and are then able to go home.

Services begin with an evaluation by a social worker. During the evaluation, basic medical history will be discussed and the need or eligibility for services will be determined. If the patient meets the criteria for services, they will be scheduled to see a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner.

Once services begin and a patient is being seen, the psychiatrist or nurse practitioner will be able to determine which medications work best based on history and symptoms. Patients will be asked about the medications they have taken in the past, about hospitalizations, and about other types of treatment received. It is wise to gather records and medication bottles for this appointment.

The physician or practitioner will also investigate to be sure there are no other medical problems.

Following the initial physician visit, patients are scheduled for follow-up appointments based on medications and the overall treatment plan. Some medications work right away and others may take several weeks before there is an improvement in symptoms.


Lab work such as a blood or urine test is required prior to the first physician’s appointment. Once eligibility is determined, the social worker will make the arrangements. Depending on medications prescribed during treatment, regular lab work may be required.

Many people find lab work intimidating, but the testing is necessary as there could be hidden health issues that can impact the effectiveness of treatment for mental illness. Here are some of the reasons lab work is needful:

  • To make sure the patient is not receiving too much or too little medication.
  • To make sure all prescribed medications are working well together.
  • To make sure medications are not causing stress to certain organs such as the liver, thyroid and kidneys.
  • To get a baseline for comparison to alert medical staff to any other heath issues.

Overall, lab work allows medical staff to better monitor treatment progress.

If a patient notices a problem with medications or there is a change in symptoms they may call an RN (903.597.1351) or visit the Tyler Andrews Center.

Andrews Center Medical Management is a core service offered for managing all or most aspects of treatment of a mental illness. The assigned medical professional (a doctor, nurse practitioner or RN) will:

ClipboardEvaluate symptoms
Prescribe medications
Review and evaluate medications
See the patient at regular appointments
Review and evaluate medical history
Help patients in crisis


Our licensed physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners work in partnership with individuals and our nursing team to promote safe and effective use of medications to assist individuals in reaching their desired wellness and recovery goals. We provide education to individuals on the importance of medication management and provide periodic visits to monitor effectiveness of medications in achieving recovery goals.


Some individuals who require medication services may also qualify for financial assistance to help pay for their critical psychiatric medication through the Andrews Center or by working with pharmaceutical companies. Individuals must meet financial and eligibility criteria to qualify for medication assistance. The Medication Assistance Program is on a first come, first serve basis, as funding becomes available.


Crisis Tele-psychiatry is a crisis program for individuals who do not meet criteria for inpatient psychiatric treatment however require urgent care. Evaluations with a psychiatric provider for medication interventions are available by tele video to provide access within 24 hours of referral from crisis staff.


Tele-psychiatry is available to children in our rural counties served who otherwise would have limited access to on-site provider care. The service is offered both in the school where the child attends (to prevent absences) or at an Andrews Center out-patient clinic facility.


To better meet the healthcare needs of our clients, integrated primary and behavioral healthcare services can be offered directly through Andrews Center. Andrews Center believes in holistic health. A healthy body and freedom from physical sickness helps in the management of mental illness. Staff coordinates primary healthcare for clients in order to improve outcomes and provide better overall experiences. Clients benefit from increased access to primary healthcare services, reducing the number of emergency room visits, is more convenient for patients and opens the door for different disciplines involved in the patient’s treatment to work together more easily and effectively. Andrews Center Medical Services is located in the Tyler Main Center. Behavioral and primary health screenings, lab work, and pharmacy services are available at this location.