Andrews Center services are provided to persons who qualify based on an evaluation of mental health. No appointment is required for this screening.

Persons with a major mental illness (Major Depression, Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder) or with IDD will not be refused services based on ability to pay. Family size, family income, diagnosis, and other support will be evaluated in establishing ability to pay.

What to Bring to the Screening:


  1. Proof of insurance, if any, is required. If applicable, please be prepared to present:
    • Medicaid card (current) and monthly eligibility card
    • Medicare card
    • Veteran’s Administration (V.A.) outpatient card
    • Group or private insurance card
    • Current employment information

Andrews Center will handle the billing to insurance companies, if the following information is applicable
and is provided:

      • Card showing name of insurance company
      • Policy number
      • Policy holder’s name
      • Policy holder’s current employment information (for group policies)
  1. Proof of family income is required to receive adjustments
    to charges for services. Examples of proof of income include:

    • Previous year’s 1040 tax return
    • A current paycheck
    • A current pay statement/stub
    • Social Security benefits award letters
  2. Proof of residence is required to receive adjustments to charges for services. Examples of proof of resident include:
    • A utility bill (electric, water, gas, phone)
    • A lease agreement
  3. If applicable, payment may be asked for at the time service is rendered. The fee will be based on diagnosis and financial ability to pay.

Other Information

A person with a major mental illness may qualify for financial assistance from a local, state or federal funding source. Andrews Center will serve people who qualify according to contracts and other financial arrangements that exist with these funding sources.

Persons ages 16 years of age and older can request inpatient or outpatient services without parental consent.

Any change of income or financial circumstances or other problem concerning the ability to meet financial obligations during treatment should be reported to the front desk staff so adjustments may be made to charges.

If living outside the five-county service area one may be responsible for the full cost of the service, and may not be eligible for any adjustments to the charge.

If someone has Power of Attorney or any form of guardianship for a person seeking services, a copy of the legal documentation must be provided.

If a child’s parents are divorced, the parent presenting the child for treatment must provide the legal documentation that they are the custodial parent. Likewise, if a child is adopted the adoption order must be presented at the time of registration.


Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Your Treatment: Preparing for Your Plan – Click HERE

Appointments   Appointments

It is our goal and obligation to provide service as close to scheduled appointment times as possible, unless hindered by an emergency.

It is the patient’s obligation, as a person seeking service at Andrews Center, to keep appointments. If an appointment must be canceled or rescheduled, please notify Center staff at least 24 hours before the scheduled service.

Tyler Clinic: 903.597.1351 or 1.800.374.6058

Athens Clinic: 903.675.8541 or 1.800.256.5851

Canton Clinic: 903.567.4197 or 1.800.256.5861

Emory Clinic: 903.473.2671

Mineola Clinic: 903-569-5409 or 1.800.256.5254

Failure to keep appointments and comply with services may result in discharge from services.

Forms   Forms

In an effort to make things a little easier we now have our forms available online.

There is no need to download. Simply click on a link below, type in the fields provided, print it out and bring it with you to your appointment. It’s that easy!

If you aren’t sure which form you need to complete please feel free to give us a call.