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Jail Diversion Services for offenders with medical and mental impairments…...

Andrews Center can provide services for Offenders with Medical and Mental Impairments and their families. These services are provided through the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical and Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI). The Center's TCOOMMI program serves adult individuals on parole or probation in Rains, Wood, Henderson, Smith and Van Zandt Counties. For more information contact the TCOOMI office:




Linda Gordon




Entry in the TCOOMMI services is based on the individual being an offender who has been assessed and diagnosed as having a priority mental illness of major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or diagnosed as having an intellectual or developmental disability. Priority is given to prior prison release referrals, probationers in Van Zandt County and to offenders in local jails. Emergency Services are available to all referrals or offenders.
Priority is given to the following:


Priority is given to the following:

  • individuals on parole who were assessed and referred to the program prior to their release from prison
  • individuals being released from Substance Abuse Felony Punishment facilities
  • mentally impaired offenders incarcerated in local jails

Other referrals from probation or parole will be accepted in the program as the budget allows.
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The Center also has an Adult Probation Program that is specific to Van Zandt County and an Adult Parole Program that is specific to Tyler District Parole Office. This program has a Case Manager who provides intensive service coordination, linking to community services, assessment of needs and crisis intervention services.

Services offered to offenders currently incarcerated include (as budget allows):
  • New arrest cross-reference with the Texas Department of State Health Services' CARE system
  • Pre and post-booking advocacy for release to treatment instead of incarceration
  • Evaluation while incarcerated
  • Advocacy for treatment at the offenders' court hearing
  • Competency screening

The Andrews Center also provides intensive, outpatient competency restoration services to those individuals alleged to have committed non-violent offenses.  In addition to the above services, this includes:

  • supported housing
  • substance abuse treatment
  • transportation
  • Assertive Community Treatment options
  • legal skills training

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